[TxMt] Perl indentation question

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Fri May 11 15:41:33 UTC 2007

On 11. May 2007, at 16:43, André Cruz wrote:

>> Basically the defaults just increase/decrease indent when seeing  
>> brackets.
> Since Perl has no specific config, can't you just copy C's for now?  
> It's better than the current config...

I can copy the one from C, but do you think that is better?

For example C will indent after for, while, etc. w/o braces, but I  
don’t think that should be the case in Perl.

You can always duplicate the Indentation preferences (from the C  
bundle), change the scope selector to source.perl, and let me know if  
it works out well, then I’ll make the change to the default bundle.

> Also, regarding the Tidy command on the Perl bundle, it works on  
> the file rather than the buffer and does not mandate that the file  
> be saved. Also it doesn't deal well with UTF8 chars on the output  
> of perltidy. I altered the command to:
> [...]

I think Ciaren will update this command with one that works on the  
buffer (rather than the file).

> As long as I have your attention, is there a workaround for people  
> like me that edit projects remotely via sshfs and every-time the  
> textmate window gains focus it freezes for up to 5s? sshfs is the  
> perfect companion to textmate, even version control works remotely  
> but the delay makes it unusable.


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