[TxMt] Perl indentation question

André Cruz andre.cruz at segula.pt
Fri May 11 14:43:37 UTC 2007

On 2007/05/11, at 10:47, Allan Odgaard wrote:

>> I can see that the C scope has the Identation Rules preference  
>> setting, but Perl does not.
>> Where do the languages that don't have this defined get their  
>> indentation rules?
> In that case, they would inherit the default patterns likely in the  
> Source bundle, and if there are none, TM has some hardcoded defaults.
> Basically the defaults just increase/decrease indent when seeing  
> brackets.

Since Perl has no specific config, can't you just copy C's for now?  
It's better than the current config...

Also, regarding the Tidy command on the Perl bundle, it works on the  
file rather than the buffer and does not mandate that the file be  
saved. Also it doesn't deal well with UTF8 chars on the output of  
perltidy. I altered the command to:

perltidy -q 2> /dev/null

Input-> Entire document
Output -> Replace document

I would send the plist but what was stored on my homedir was just a  

As long as I have your attention, is there a workaround for people  
like me that edit projects remotely via sshfs and every-time the  
textmate window gains focus it freezes for up to 5s? sshfs is the  
perfect companion to textmate, even version control works remotely  
but the delay makes it unusable.

André Cruz

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