[TxMt] Is the following pdfsync-instruction right?

Édouard Gilbert edouard.gilbert at eleves.bretagne.ens-cachan.fr
Thu May 10 21:52:54 UTC 2007

>  It jumps to the right place for me in both directions.

It appears its a problem with my source. It indeed works with another  
(simpler) file. I'll check out.

> After we sort this out, I would like to learn about the new  
> "TeXShop Spotlight-based source/PDF sync".

Not quite so new, since version 2.0, I think. More information can be  
found in TeXShop Help. Advanced Help > PDFSync, more precisely.  
Apparently, it's based on search in PDF files. I think it's a feature  
included for Spotlight, I think.


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