[TxMt] Move blocks of text using "Go To Symbol"?

Jenny Harrison harrison at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Thu May 10 20:59:40 UTC 2007

On May 10, 2007, at 1:50 PM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

>> I live in the latex bundle, but this feature request may be  
>> relevant to others.  I would like to be able to move blocks of  
>> text in the latex file by simply moving corresponding headers in  
>> the "Go to Symbol" sidebar.   This would replace my need to use  
>> OminOutliner to organize material.   (There seems to be no  
>> satisfactory way to port a Latex file from TextMate into  
>> OmniOutliner without a great deal of hand work.)
> That's an interesting idea. Don't about about in general, but we  
> might be able to have something like this in place with a custom  
> command using a custom nib with a tree structure, where it presents  
> the various sectioning items and you can then move them around.  
> Once you are done, the command then rearranges the text and  
> replaces the entire contents of the current document with the new  
> contents. I would be very hesitant about making it work across  
> multiple files, but within a single file it shouldn't be too hard  
> to do. Such a command would of course have to work under the  
> assumption that, once it encounters a \section{} command, then  
> everything until the next \section{} command is part of this section.

  I would be delighted to see this working in a single file.

>> A related feature request would be a Latex logic checker.  No  
>> matter how we move blocks around, we may wish to check that the  
>> references maintain their logical ordering.  It would be nice to  
>> have a command to do this for us, especially for long documents.   
>> I am no programmer, but I imagine this should be easy to do --  
>> find each \ref that occurs before its \label.
> But very often you want \refs to appear before their \labels. I  
> don't see how you can establish a logical ordering by determining  
> that a \ref appears before its \label. Plus, you might also have  
> multiple \refs.
> Or perhaps I have misunderstood what you mean?

Yes, you do often want \refs to appear before \labels, such as in an  
introduction, but it would be nice to double check each of these,  
especially when proving theorems using lemmas spread throughout a  
book, say.

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