[TxMt] subversion and colordiff

Jack Nutting jnutting at gmail.com
Thu May 10 08:49:33 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've been a paid member of the TextMate-o-sphere for a couple months
now, but have just started dipping into its mighty goodness.  One
thing that I've found that is not quite so good is how the subversion
plugin won't play nice with colordiff.

In my .subversion/config, I've set it up to use colordiff instead of
diff.  I do a lot of my work from the command-line, so this is pretty
important for me.  Unfortunately, the subversion plugin doesn't like
this.  If you look here:


you'll see what I'm talking about.  The upper half ("Untitled 705")
shows the result of me doing a "Diff with Newest (HEAD)" with my
preferred .subversion/config settings intact, while the lower half
("Untitled 706") shows the much prettier version that the subversion
bundle does all on its own if I remove my settings.

Now, I'd just accept that "that's just the way it is", except for the
fact that the bundles doesn't *always* do this.  In particular, if I
bring up an SVN Log from within TextMate, and then click on a link to
see a diff in there, the resulting diff is displayed in a
TextMate-colorized fashion, apparently ignoring my .subversion/config
settings (hooray!).  So what I wonder is, if the plugin can ignore my
settings and do its own colorization in one case, why can't it do it
all the time?

// jack
// http://www.nuthole.com

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