[TxMt] [LaTex] Problem with Reformat

Paul McCann paul.mccann at adelaide.edu.au
Wed May 9 08:44:02 UTC 2007

rowkajjh asked:

> When I press in the eq. Ctrl+Q i get this:
> \begin{enumerate} \item Geringe Tiefenschärfe. sdfdsfsdfdsfdsfsdfdsf
> erscheinen sdfsdfsdf Bild
> war selten. \item dfdfdf dsf sdfsd f sdf \end{enumerate}
> Surely wrong. The items shouldbe aligned. Is there a way to achieve
> this?

No, not wrong, the control-q is for reformatting paragraphs of text:  
it's not aware of the language (note  that it lives in the text menu,  
not in a particular bundle). What you're probably seeking is the  
"tidy" command in the LaTeX bundle: it's bound to control-shift-H. It  
doesn't do the "reindent" text that you're seeking in Question 1, but  
it does reflow things in a language sensitive way.


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