[TxMt] Re: HTML Special Character Bundles

Jacob Rus jacobolus at gmail.com
Sun May 6 19:03:08 UTC 2007

Chip Cullen wrote:
> In a word, no. I had filtered out the markdown bundle, so I hadn't
> explored it. Besides, smartypants doesn't do exactly what I wanted to
> do, anyway, as I understand it. It takes "period period period" and
> turns it into "…"
> I was trying to have the effect of just typing from within an HTML
> document, using the typing that I am used to, and having TM
> automagically insert the right HTML code for that typographic mark.
> If Smarty Pants does this as well, I didn't see it. But thanks for
> pointing it out - I had no idea!

Smarty pants turns double hyphens into em- and en-dashes, straight 
quotes to smart quotes, `...` into `…`, `x` into `×`, etc. etc.

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