[TxMt] XCode - Clickable error messages

Gerd Knops gerti-textmate at bitart.com
Sun May 6 16:17:44 UTC 2007

On May 5, 2007, at 4:10 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 3. May 2007, at 16:37, Gerd Knops wrote:
>> [...]
>> You know, I still haven't forgiven you for removing that output  
>> option where one could enter a pattern. Since then my tools spend  
>> a lot more code on formatting output then on getting their job done.
> Here’s an idea: write your own tool and use that:
>     «my command»|«my tool that catches output»
> You could do that tool in a dozen lines of perl and use tm_dialog  
> to open the output console. Within a few hours, you should have  
> something vastly superior to that crappy window I killed.
While true (and I have done that), the key here is "Within a few  
hours" * languages/compilers/whatever used... The old method, while  
it may have been crappy, allowed me to get something reasonable  
within a minute or three.

Anyhow, my actual point was: I'd much rather have the added value of  
TM doing something smart with some carefully crafted (eg matching an  
expression) ascii debug output then having to write a custom filter  
(which makes my program dependant on it, bad when others using other  
environments work with it), or, gasp, actually have to emit my debug  
messages in html. I *hate* handcrafting html. Debugging output is  
often very short-lived. It should require minimum effort to add and  
remove to/from code.


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