[TxMt] Scope and Preprocessing for personal Markup

J Fischer regisjf at gmail.com
Sun May 6 05:57:01 UTC 2007


Within the time constraints, I've done what searching I can through the
docs, wiki, and mailing list archives to get a personal markup bundle
working. Thanks to the clear documentation and a lot of the archived posts
here, I have all the snippets and syntax coloring working. However, there
are a couple of things that I still haven't worked out, which I could use a
little help with. I apologize if they've been covered before and I missed
them. If I had more time, I'd keep searching around for the answers, but
with an upcoming deadline, I just have to get some guidance.

My bundle is called "jmarkup" and I've set most of the scope selectors to
"text." (BTW, I still don't competely get how to choose scope selectors,
despite reading that section many times.)

I'll probably do most of my writing in Latex or Markdown (or MMD), and
currently I have to go back and forth between syntax coloring for either
Latex or jmarkup.

1)  Can I somehow set my scope so that I can see it colored while I'm in
Latex and MMD?

2) Could someone point me to a place explaining how I could process my
markup before the latex. E.g. So that when I hit the key combo to preview
the Latex, everything is preprocessed to replace my [[note syntax ]] with
Latex markup for left and right margin notes.

3) Referring to #2 above, could I have separate processing-replacements set
up for whether I was making an output for myself (e.g. working draft with
all notes and markup) or for my advisor (e.g. print draft without notes and
hiding my in-line styles, like "revise" or "check facts")?

4) What would the best bundle be to use as an example of how to gather all
"action" markups in to a separate document? For example, I might have a fact
that is suffixed with [!check this!] and I want to gather all lines that
have that [!...!] in them. I assume this might be similar to the TODO or
GTDalt bundles but haven't checked them out yet.

Thanks all for any advice and help. I know I've asked a lot here, but even
just pointers to where I can find the best examples of implementations of
each would really help me out.


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