[TxMt] LaTeX bundle and the exam package

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at hanover.edu
Fri May 4 19:09:55 UTC 2007

On May 4, 2007, at 10:18 AM, David F. Snyder wrote:
> On 5/3/07 10:08 AM, "David F. Snyder" <dsnyder at txstate.edu> wrote:
>> On 5/2/07 7:49 AM, "Charilaos Skiadas" <skiadas at hanover.edu> wrote:
>>> On May 1, 2007, at 3:22 AM, David F. Snyder wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> I am hoping someone has solved this problem.
>>>> I use latekmk.pl script as $TM_TEX_COMPILER to compile my LaTeX
>>>> documents

Ah, this should be $TM_LATEX_COMPILER, not $TM_TEX_COMPILER. Does  
changing this fix it? Compiling exam classes with TM_LATEX_COMPILER  
set to latexmk.pl works just fine on my computer. If you still have  
problems after correcting this, please send me a test file.

Haris Skiadas
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hanover College

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