[TxMt] periodic key binding freak-out

Grant Hollingworth grant at antiflux.org
Fri May 4 16:50:13 UTC 2007

Every so often, TextMate stops handling key bindings for bundle items.  Built-in commands still work as expected.  When I check ⌃⇧P in Select Bundle Item, it shows ⌃⇧<some roundrect symbol>.  The behaviour persists even when I restart TextMate.  Logging out seems to fix it.  Sometimes it fixes itself.  I haven't found anything in console.log.

It just happened to me again.  This time I used Key Codes[1] to check what TextMate was getting.

    Key Down
    Unicode:		16 / 0x10
    Keys:		⇧^P
    Key Code:	35 / 0x23
    Modifiers:	2490371 / 0x260003

Terminal saw the modifier as 0x260103.  Later, TextMate started showing 0x260103, too, but the command still didn't work.

Finally -- and I have no idea what changed -- things started working again, and I now have a modifier of 0x60103 in all apps.

[1] http://www.petermaurer.de/nasi.php?thema=keycodes&sprache=english

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