[TxMt] Feature Request: Find in Project - with multiple lines!

Chip Cullen chip.cullen at gmail.com
Fri May 4 13:23:20 UTC 2007

I love the "Find in Project" command - especially when I'm working on
lots of HTML files. But it lacks something that the regular "Find"
command has - the ability to see multiple lines in both the "Find" and
"Replace" field. If the "FInd in Project" had that feature, it would
be much, much more useful. I work mainly in HTML, and it would really
help with things like updating menus across the site - pieces of code
that are rarely on a single line.

I know that you CAN replace multiple lines of code with "FInd in
Project", but having the ability to *see* them would help immensely.
For some reason whenever I try to replace multiple lines of code, I
get weird duplicates and other strange things. Granted, that could be
more indicative of my own ability ; ) - but if I could see all the
code at once that I'm using, I think I would run into fewer problems.

Any thoughts?

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