[TxMt] Floating Drawer

Steve Lianoglou lists at arachnedesign.net
Thu May 3 14:29:30 UTC 2007

Hi Xavier,

> It's quite perturbating to move from a navigating system to  
> another, and this is what ⌘T provides, for someone used to the  
> drawer.
> My proposal is: a project drawer embedded in a separate window/panel.

 From what I understand, the drawer is going to be seeing an overhaul  
on TextMate 2.0 (ETA is sometime *after* the Leopard release).

Until then, you've got to work with what you have.

If you want my opinion, though, I'd suggest to just not use TextMate  
in some hacked Full Screen mode ... "Full Screen"-edness is something  
that's waaaayyy too overrated, anyway ;-)


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