[TxMt] The tab bar

Nigel Green nigel at greenlemur.com
Thu May 3 12:18:37 UTC 2007

Hi there,

Sorry to raise an old question, but I can't find a definitive answer  
in the archive - is it possible to turn off the tab bar? In a  
previous post (Re: [TxMt] new beta, in Dec, 2004) Allan said, in a  
rersponse to a question about hiding the tab/status bars:

 > > Why remove the option to show/hide tab/status-bar ?
 > I didn't thought anyone would actually use them, and if possible, I'd
 > like to enforce that they're always enabled (since I'll rely more on
 > these elements in the future).
 > I can bring back the option to hide the tab bar.

Did this ever get brought back in? Is it a 'hidden' preference that  
can be accessed? I never use the tab bar and would like to be able to  
toggle it off if I can.


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