[TxMt] Re: mate error

Andrew Jaffe a.h.jaffe at gmail.com
Thu May 3 06:58:30 UTC 2007

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 3. May 2007, at 01:38, Brett Terpstra wrote:
>> [...]
>> 2007-05-02 18:36:02.863 TextMate[18174] couldn't setup TextMate server.
> Most likely because there already is an instance of TextMate running. 
> That may also explain why mate has problems (sigalling a maybe dead 
> instance?)
> Try: killall TextMate (after you quit those instances you know about).

Hi Alan,

No joy (there was only the one obvious instance running)...

But a new datum: if I don't have textmate running already, and I try to 
start it for the first time with mate, I get the following slightly 
different, error (and the requested file doesn't open, but the previous 
session does):

2007-05-03 07:51:38.810 mate[4496] Exception raised during posting of 
notification.  Ignored.  exception: [NOTE: this exception originated in 
the server.]
*** Object does not implement or has different method signature

Also, in this case, "mate" does not actually return to the prompt.

Finally, this is PPC 10.4.9.

I imagine this must be due to some weird interaction with non-standard 
stuff, so here's a list of what I've added that might do something 
strange: terminalmate, blogmate, texmlmate, texslmate, codebrowser.



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