[TxMt] Markdown bundle request

Rob McBroom textmate at skurfer.com
Wed May 2 18:57:09 UTC 2007

Could the Markdown bundle be modified to use a TM_MARKDOWN variable  
(similar to the way the Subversion bundle uses TM_SVN) in the  
"Convert document/selection to HTML" and other relevant commands?

I envision that the variable would contain whatever command(s) you  
want to use for Markdown stuff and would default to the current  

For example, I like to add the "--html4tags" option and get rid of  
SmartyPants, but to do it currently, you need to modify the bundle.  
(Which is fine in theory, but I worry that in practice, updates will  
be missed.)

Or perhaps the "--html4tags" option should just be used/not used  
automatically based on the value of TM_XHTML.

The current chunk of perl would probably be awkward to store in a  
variable or to use as a default value, but perhaps it could be made  
into a script in the Markdown bundle's support dir?

Just an idea. Thanks.

Rob McBroom
I didn't "switch" to Apple... my OS did.

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