[TxMt] "Save As" Renaming Bug - any hope for the future?

Chip Cullen chip.cullen at gmail.com
Tue May 1 02:05:35 UTC 2007

I was just wondering - I was able to put Simon's command
"rescan_project" at the end of Robin's command, and Textmate will
rescan the project drawer - very helpful.

Is there anyway to make "rescan_project" a stand-alone command?

I'm borderline-ignorant on how to make bundle commands, short of
cobbling other things together and hoping they work. I tried just
making a command in the bundle editor that said "rescan_project", but
that erases the entire contents of the page that I am working on. I
obviously am missing something fundamental. Any thoughts?



On 4/30/07, Chip Cullen <chip.cullen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Robin & Simon,
> Well, I took a little bit of what both of you did and came up with an
> even better solution:
> filename="$(CocoaDialog filesave --title 'Save a copy')"
> [ -n "$filename" ] && cat >"$filename"
> rescan_project
> Robin - your solution was working fine, but I had to do the Cmd-Tab
> trick to have the new file show up in the project. Simon, your
> solution showed the new file in the project drawer, but it was erasing
> everything in the 'old' document afterwards and giving a weird error.
> So, I just took the bit at the end of Simon's code and put it at the
> end of Robin's, and there you go - no error with the document, and
> everything shows up in the project drawer.
> I guess the only thing that would make this work even better is if the
> new file were the open document, and the old one were closed, like a
> 'true' save as.
> Thanks everyone!
> On 4/30/07, Chip Cullen <chip.cullen at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Robin, Simon et al -
> >
> > Thank you all so much! That does it! I still have to do the Cmd-Tab
> > trick for the new file to show up in the project drawer, but I can
> > live with that until TM2. October can't come fast enough!
> >
> > Jacob - different strokes I guess. For the average user, in my
> > opinion, forums/bulletin boards are much more intuitive. They're
> > easier to browse (if you're not quite sure how to word your problem) -
> > and you don't have to go through the process of setting up a 3rd party
> > piece of software to use them with any ease. In well run forums,
> > topics are grouped by general subject, not just in one huge archive
> > (again, easier for browsing). Also, when you search for something, and
> > click on a hit, you get to see the whole thread at once, rather than
> > having to go through message by message (as you do with the mailing
> > list archives on Gmane). I agree, many forums out there are extremely
> > garish in terms of design, but that can easily be remedied by the
> > admin tweaking the style sheet. I guess I've also gotten used to
> > searching for answers on forums and am having a difficult time getting
> > used to a mailing list. The last time I was on a mailing list was the
> > late 1990's. But hey, the people are great!
> >
> > Brooks - thank you for pointing me to that! It definitely is more what
> > I'm used to looking through! It seems to be at least current, but as
> > you say, I'm not sure how far back it goes.
> >

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