[TxMt] keep it in iso-8859-1

Jay Soffian jay-txmt at soffian.org
Fri Mar 30 17:09:17 UTC 2007

On Mar 30, 2007, at 10:58 AM, Danny Krøger wrote:

> It would be nice to have an option to paste text at the current  
> encoding and truncate characters not availible. That is a better  
> option than destroying a document (when you are forced to keep it  
> in latin 1). It costs so much time to change all the garbaged text  
> by hand afterwards.

Bundle Editor -> New Command
Input: None
Output: Replace Selected Text
Key Equivalent: <your choice>

__CFUSERTEXT_ENCODING=0×1F5:0×8000100:0×8000100 /usr/bin/pbpaste | / 
usr/bin/iconv -c -s -f UTF-8 -t ISO-8859-1

Then use that command for pasting instead of cmd-v.

Caution: that will silently discard characters which cannot be  
converted. If you want to do better (say, by replacing them with '?)  
you'll need to install GNU iconv (MacPorts, Fink, etc).


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