[TxMt] SVN?

Steve Lianoglou lists at arachnedesign.net
Thu Mar 29 14:44:33 UTC 2007

Apple has a handy page on it.


Although there's a bit of realestate on that page devoted to  
installing apache/webdav/svn from source, I'd recommend installing  
the trio via macports.

The rest of the article is till handy though.

There is always, of course, the online book:

It's big, but it most assuredly will have all that you need.


On Mar 29, 2007, at 10:19 AM, Ethan H. Darling wrote:

> Everyone/Anyone,
> I'm new to Textmate (and just about everything else), and I just  
> finished reading the Textmate book (some sections got a thorough  
> once-twice-thrice-over).  Very good book, now I'm hooked on Textmate.
> I'm just an amateur web developer looking to increase my skill and  
> knowledge. Textmate has been a great companion as It allows me to  
> get out of Dreamweaver and into the code, but I find that I have  
> lost some of the "project management" features of Dreamweaver.  ie,  
> being able to transparently upload completed development files from  
> within the application.  (Sure I can still get it done with  
> Transmit, but it is clunky.)  I searched the textmate discussions  
> and wiki and came away with the conclusion that SVN is the answer.   
> Problem is I know nothing about SVN...  or where to start.
> So, my question is...  "What is SVN, can I really use it to manage  
> a production website, and what is the best place, resource, book to  
> get information on how to install, configure, and use it?"  Sounds  
> dumb right.  Well we all have to start somewhere.
> (I googled it and found more information than I can shake-a-stick  
> at.  So I thought that I would ask a smaller community that may  
> better understand my situation and give a little more intelligent  
> mac-oriented feedback.)
> Thanks,
> Ethan
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