[TxMt] Italics and Bold in Markdown.

Luke Daley ld at ldaley.com
Wed Mar 21 06:15:19 UTC 2007


Textmate incorrectly labels italicised and bolded text.

In the following markdown: "this is s_om_e markdown", 'om' will be  
tagged as italicised. When converting to HTML, 'om' will not be  
italicised. I am guessing that the Markdown processor requires that  
italicised text be surrounded by white space. The same is also true  
for bolded text.

I was able to modify the language grammar to not incorrectly tag the  
text. My solution is probably quite naive but it did work for me. Can  
someone with more regex fu vet this and can we get it added to the  
official bundle please (assuming it should be added and I am not  
wrong on this).

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