[TxMt] how to change font for a "logger*" line??? (e.g. to de-emphasis logging lines in Ruby code)

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sun Mar 18 16:47:00 UTC 2007

On 18. Mar 2007, at 12:24, Greg Hauptmann wrote:

> Any tips on how to change the format of a line of Ruby based on  
> it's content?
> In particular I was wanting to try deemphasize logging lines (i.e.  
> starting with "logger.*") by setting the text font to a gray.     
> Any ideas/tips would be great.  Couldn't seem to see when it would  
> be possible to do this in the bundle manager.

You would need to add a rule to your language grammar that matches  
these lines, then you can style them accordingly.

See http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/language_grammars

In your case, it might be best to start a new grammar, add a rule for  
the logger lines, then include the regular Ruby grammar. That way, if  
the regular grammar is updated, you will see these changes in your  

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