[TxMt] Find in (big) project (with bin dir)

David Eriksson bbs at fatslice.com
Fri Mar 16 16:31:52 UTC 2007

>> One more thing, maybe not related, but "find again" (cmd-G) is  
>> sometimes really slow, but that feels like it is an OS X thing  
>> that appears after cmd-tabbing between apps quickly and instantly  
>> firing a shortcut in the destination-app.. I've found for instance  
>> that cmd-tabbing from Safari to Terminal then immediately pressing  
>> arrow up a couple of times (for readline history) makes the  
>> Terminal crash. After that impossible to force quit. Is it the os  
>> x window server / event model that isn't build for 100% speedy  
>> keyboard-commando!??
> I’ve not heard of this problem. If things are slow after switching  
> app, it could be because you are low on memory, and it has to swap  
> in the switched-to application. But it shouldn’t crash. Is it  
> Terminal or the shell (bash) which crashes?

When this happens, and with the apps I'm running I'm not low on  
memory, ~500MB free (green) memo.

It's the Terminal that crashes, but I can still run say Activity  
Monitor, but force quit wont work, it looks like it just drops it's  
parent. After this, other apps that I guess use shell-commands start  
crashing one after the other..

Have found some other people on div forums that have similar  
problems . All on Intel... No answers though.

My only solution is to not be so quick on the keyboard, like doing a  
find, and then cmd-z undo before the find completes. That kind of  
sequences seem to crash almost any cocoa app...

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