[TxMt] Misguided use of content-type in XHTML/1.1 template

porneL mailinglist at pornel.net
Mon Mar 5 00:00:08 UTC 2007

I've just noticed that template for XHTML/1.1 has been changed to include  
application/xhtml+xml content type in <meta> element.

This is completly misguided as <meta> is there only for  
backwards-compatibility non-XHTML user-agents -- that is only those which  
*do not* support application/xhtml+xml.

"Note that a meta http-equiv statement will not be recognized by XML  
processors, and authors SHOULD NOT include such a statement in an XHTML  
document served as 'application/xml' (and 'application/xhtml+xml' as well  
for that matter)."

Please change it back to text/html or remove <meta> element completly.

regards, porneL

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