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Tue Jul 31 17:37:44 UTC 2007

Thanks for your reply and help subtlegradient...

In answer to your q's:

> Do you think you'd really use html code completion like in Dreamweaver?
Yes, absolutely. If it were sophisticated enough to know what type of tag
you are closing. So for instance, if it were an input tag for example, you
don't want an extra closing tag, just /> at the end. I guess that could be
the rule, if you close it already using />, then don't add a closing tag.
Unfortunately, the bundle syntax is a bit above me right now for figuring it

I have done what you said though and changed the shortcut for adding an
open/close tag to SHIFT + >. This works well actually, but it must interfere
with another shortcut, as the ends of the tags are highlighted and I can't
seem to get rid of it. Is there a way to find out if your shortcut is
conflicting with another command?

> There are tons of code coloring themes. Most of them look OK with HTML
There are some good ones there, I am still a bit shy of using the black
background though, so trying to find one to match the way Homesite/DW did it
with the white background. I have tried to create my own, but can't
understand how to make specific colouring for an individual tag in the "Code
Coloring Elements". Do you know how I would specifically target every anchor
tag ( 
On Jul 31, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Paul Collins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a CSS, HTML, occasional PHP/Javascript developer new to Textmate
> and have been hunting around for a good HTML bundle. I may be looking
> in the wrong places, but basically, I would love to find something
> that gives a few of the old features from Homesite, if that is
> actually possible. I would love to find some kind of bundle with the
> following:
> - Code colouring similar to that of Homesite and Dreamweaver.
> - Auto tag completion  similar to Homesite and Dreamweaver, so when
> you type the ending ">" of a div tag for example, it writes out the
> closing tag. This would be instead, or in addition to, the feature of
> hitting CTRL + < to close the tag.
> - Some kind of HTML, CSS validation, similar to the way Homesite used
> to do it. Can you include validation in a bundle?
> Tell me if I'm dreaming! Either way, it would be great if someone
> could point me in the right direction for finding good HTML bundles.
> Googling doesn't seem to get the results I want.
> Cheers for any help.

I've never used Homesite, but I have used Dreamweaver after they  
bought and integrated most of it.

The HTML and CSS bundles include validation. ⌃⇧V
There is no tag completion like homesite. I've been tinkering with the  
idea of writing some. I was actually thinking of using a similar  
method. Nothing useful exists on that front yet :(

You can use ⌘⌥. to close the currently open tag. You could make a  
copy of the "Insert Close Tag" command in the HTML bundle and put it  
in your personal bundle. then change the keystroke to whatever you want.

There are tons of code coloring themes. Most of them look OK with HTML  
CSS & Javascript. I highly recommend Brilliance Black ;)
More themes: http://macromates.com/wiki/Themes/UserSubmittedThemes

If you know of any other specific features that you'd like, go ahead  
and request them or add them and share.
Do you think you'd really use html code completion like in Dreamweaver?

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