[TxMt] [XCode Bundle] BUILD_FOLDER environmental variable

Ryan Wilcox ryanwilcox at mac.com
Tue Jul 31 14:03:28 UTC 2007

Allan Odgaard wrote:

>On 30. Jul 2007, at 17:35, Ryan Wilcox wrote:
>>Since the build dir depends on the active configuration, I am not  
>>sure setting the environment variable is that useful, also because  
>>you’d have to set this per project.

>In your case, you have the build dir in the .xconfig file? Ideally we  
>would extend our code to also look there.

Yes, my build dir is stored in the .xcconfig. Parsing those is no easy matter: you can have environmental variables in there, #include other .xcconfigs... 

The annoying thing is that the path is in the project's executable setting: writing the following AppleScript shows the proper path

tell application "Xcode"
	tell project 1
		set a to active executable
		a's path
	end tell
end tell

BUT the executable I don't think changes when configurations are switched (right?)

OTOH, would that make a good fall back when we can't find the executable even in $PROJECT_DIR/build ?

Hope this helps,
_Ryan Wilcox

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