[TxMt] svn Bundle: ssh-askpass

Jeremy Wilkins jeremy at ibexinternet.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 14:21:50 UTC 2007

If the SSH_ASKPASS env var is set AND ssh can't connect to the  
console, then it will launch the program from the env var, and use  
the returned password. I think the various implementations are all  
pretty simple - I know a kaskpass is about 60 lines of ruby and  
integrates with kwallet

Alternative SSHKeychain may do what you want.

On 25 Jul 2007, at 23:36, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 23. Jul 2007, at 12:07, Vassilis Rizopoulos wrote:
>> I have a problem using the svn bundle with password protected  
>> repositories and the problem is that the bundle can't find ssh- 
>> askpass, which is to be expected since there's no ssh-askpass  
>> anywhere in my system :).
>> I've search around but all I found is some references to a python  
>> ssh-askpass script.
>> Any ideas how I can get this thing to work?
> Normally we recommend setting up a public/private key-pair without  
> a pass-phrase on the private key (setting a pass-phrase on the  
> private key is effectively storing it encrypted, which is a good  
> idea if you have to store the key on a server where others might be  
> able to read it, but for your local machine, it’s hardly worth it).
> Anyway, the ssh-askpass I assume is the default program used by ssh  
> to query you for the pass-phrase, if you run ‘man ssh’ you’ll find  
> this section:
>   SSH_ASKPASS   If ssh needs a passphrase, it will read the
>                 passphrase from the current terminal if it was run
>                 from a terminal.  If ssh does not have a terminal
>                 associated with it but DISPLAY and SSH_ASKPASS are
>                 set, it will execute the program specified by
>                 SSH_ASKPASS and open an X11 window to read the
>                 passphrase.  This is particularly useful when call-
>                 ing ssh from a .xsession or related script.  (Note
>                 that on some machines it may be necessary to redi-
>                 rect the input from /dev/null to make this work.)
> I have no experience with actually setting this up though, but it  
> sounds like it shouldn’t be that difficult. Let us know if you  
> figure something out or would like some further pointers.
> If simple, we should probably set this up in the Subversion bundle.  
> Presently I have no private keys with pass-phrase, but I might play  
> with it later.
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