[TxMt] tm_dialog: add FileSelect + Appending Accessory Views

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed Jul 25 13:08:14 UTC 2007


I wonder if it possible 'easily' to enhance tm_dialog in a way that  
one can also use it as FileSelect dialog, like CocoaDialog it does,  
in conjunction with an user-defined nib-file to append a CustomView  
to the predefined NSOpenPanel.

For details have a look at:


tm_dialog -f

invokes a normal cocoa-based file select dialog.

tm_dialog -f myextension.nib

invokes a normal cocoa-based file select dialog and appends  
myextension.nib as an Accessory View.

tm_dialog -f -p THEPLIST

to set the current dir, which files are allowed to select, multiple  
file select yes/no, dialog title, etc.

The result is a plist containing the filename and, if an Accessory  
View is specified, the selections of it.


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