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Richard Dyce dd at dyce.com
Wed Jul 25 07:16:03 UTC 2007

For the purposes of noise filtration, might it be useful to add a  
link to "already requested features" at the bottom of these list  
emails? Or to an FAQ? Or better yet an FAQikki?


On 25 Jul 2007, at 00:42, Jacob Rus wrote:

> Andre Behrens wrote:
>> I would just like to note that I have been using textmate for a long,
>> long, long time, and I am not at all tired of people continually
>> asking for split screens. It should be there. It's bad that it's
>> missing. I think every single day I encounter a situation where I  
>> wish
>> I could have this feature.
>> I think we should not blame users for wanting features. I wonder if
>> the harsh reaction this request always gets might not have something
>> to do with embarrassment.
>> So let me register *my* continued, enduring wish for this feature  
>> that
>> every other text editor I've used has.
> Erm... Allan has stated publicly that such a feature will be in TM  
> 2.0+, but not make it into 1.5.x.  As such, repeated such requests  
> just decrease the signal/noise ratio of this list (as do responses  
> such as this one; apologies), while doing nothing to speed the  
> addition of such a feature.
> -Jacob
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