[TxMt] opening a file readonly

Pete Siemsen siemsen at UCAR.EDU
Tue Jul 24 20:36:22 UTC 2007


Your memory is fine - TECO used "er" to open the input file and "eb"  
to open it read/write.  I used TECO for many years, and even wrote my  
own implementation in C, and later I was responsible for the DECUS  
TECO library, then later still for the de-facto TECO archive, which I  
recently put on SourceForge, at


Kinda weird that I started this thread on the TextMate list and ended  
up discussing TECO...

-- Pete

On Jul 23, 2007, at 9:09 PM, Harold W. Schranz wrote:

> Cliff Pruitt wrote:
>> I'm honestly not putting down the desire for the feature, it's  
>> just not an "expected" feature in an editor.  Am I making sense?
> Not really ... I think a read-only mode should be a standard  
> feature of any serious editor. Just consider past examples e.g. vi,  
> Emacs, Edt,  possibly even TECO (but my memory fails me here;  
> digression: TECO is probably the most powerful/dangerous/sparse/ 
> delightfully cryptic text (character) editor that's ever existed;  
> Emacs used to be written in it).
> Harry.

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