[TxMt] Minor PHP Scoping/Formatting Blip

Richard Dyce dd at dyce.com
Tue Jul 24 15:41:39 UTC 2007

Not a biggie, but thought someone might want to know... for next time  
they're tinkering (Ciarán? ;-) ) with the PHP bundle.

Thought I'd try fiddling with my copy of SimpleTest to put txmt style  
links on the test reports, just to make things a bit easier...

Thought I'd just grab what i needed from the $message variable which  
shows up something like this:

   [/Library/WebServer/Documents/pcs/tests/panel_test.php line 56]

Tried putting

     $linkRef = preg_replace( array('/^.*\[/','/\].*$/','/ line /'),  
array('txmt://open?url=file://','', '&line='), $message);

which works as far as the links go, but throws a distinct wobbly in  
terms of scope within TM after that delimited open square bracket \[.  
If I didn't happen to be searching for the end square bracket as  
well, then the rest of the code would be highlighted as a pattern...

Hope that's as clear as mud.


Richard Dyce MA (Cantab.) MBCS MIET


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