[TxMt] TODO bundle has hardcoded dependencies to RADAR tag

frank waldheim tm at burningventurecapital.com
Tue Jul 24 13:01:22 UTC 2007

hi there,
i started using the todo bundle more extensive recently and
eventually took a look at the configuration possibilities.
i looked around the settings.rb and found
the announced preference dialog and
started using it. 

first i ignored the RADAR tag,
but later on i found myself thinking about
"having something on the radar" as a future-task
or something similar. so i edited the RADAR
tag to match like FIXME or CHANGED.

after that nothing worked, because the
todo.rb expects the RADAR tag to be associated
with some spooky html-stuff which is not the
case for me.

error as follows:

`+': cannot convert nil into String 

maybe one should fix that for future use.
the most sophisticated way would be to provide a 
"MatchedTagFormatter" callback where one could provide
a snippet to format matched content.

in either way, thanks for a great bundle and keep up the
good work.

 \|/ ____ \|/ 
  @~/ ,. \~@  "When you are going to die, 
 /_( \__/ )_\  a wombat is better than no company at all."
    \____/  [waste of money, brains and time - wombat(A2DA482A)]

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