[TxMt] Slow Performance, Consumes 99% of CPU

Steve Lianoglou lists at arachnedesign.net
Tue Jul 17 18:59:02 UTC 2007


> Everytime I click out of textmate - like into firefox say - and then
> click back into textmate, it freezes for 30 seconds and I get the
> loading spinny thing. I monitor on top and it reports:

Whenever TextMate regains focus, it rescans all of the dirs in your  
project to see if any files have changed.

This is known to be pretty unbearably slow if you're working on files  
that are on some network share ...

If that is in fact what the culprit is for you, this topic has come  
up many (many (oh so many)) times in the past, so if you search the  
archives, you may be able to find some ways to get around this  
"rescanning on focus" behavior ... in lieu of that, changing your  
workflow to have the files on your local machine helps considerably.



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