[TxMt] mysql bundle, password issues, utf8 encoding

Kim Hunter bigkm at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jul 17 05:12:30 UTC 2007

What I did was roll back to the sql bundle where i found one that was 
working for me and then draged it to my desktop
and doubleclicked it. and now svn up's dont kill it either.

mines now been working just as good as it has been for the last year.


Tench wrote:
> Dear friends,
> several people on this list have brought up the issue of non-sticking 
> passwords in the new MySql bundle. There were suggestions to reinstall, 
> revert bundles to original state etc –– I have done that, but I am still 
> prompted for password with every query and with every change of table in 
> the database browser.
> What is the solution for this problem?
> Secondly, I mentioned before that the mysql bundle is not happily 
> working with non-latin unicode -- queries containing, for instance, 
> Cyrilic or Greek are not executed as they should (they return no 
> values), and  tables containing non-latin utf8 text display question 
> marks instead of text.
> I am kindly asking for any tips -- the mysql bundle has become unusable 
> for me, and I need it very badly.
> All best,
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