[TxMt] newbie simple language grammar question

Pete Siemsen siemsen at ucar.edu
Mon Jul 16 21:20:09 UTC 2007

I'm trying (for the first time ever) to make Textmate do syntax- 
highlighting.  The files I want to highlight are JUNOS router  
configuration files.  My beginning grammar is

{	scopeName = 'source.junos';
	fileTypes = ( 'junos' );
	foldingStartMarker = '\{\s*$';
	foldingStopMarker = '^\s*\}';
	patterns = (
		{	name = 'keyword.other.junos';
			match = 'groups|system|chassis|interfaces|forwarding-options|snmp| 
		{	name = 'comment.block.junos';
			match = '/\*[^\*]*\*/';

When I set the language to JUNOS, folding works but the keywords or  
comments stay the default color.  Do I need to do something else to  
see color highlighting?  (assume nothing is too dumb - I'm a newbie  
to this)

Assuming I get this working, is there a repository of grammars where  
I can share it?  And maybe find grammars for other odd languages?

-- Pete

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