[TxMt] Problems with GetBundle

Luc Jallois jinkxx at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 17:29:23 UTC 2007

Hi everyone :)

Since some months I have had error messages when trying to update my  
installed bundles with GetBundle's "Update Installed Bundles" command.

2 different error messages are returned (randomly one or the other,  
os so it seems to me) :

1 -> [Target path does not exist]

2 -> [REPORT request failed on '/svn/Bundles/!svn/vcc/default']

Still, after displaying one or the other message, GetBundle tells me  
that my bundles were updated an that I can use them...

If I remember well, it all started when I tried to install a bundle  
(but don't remember which) and had some error messages during install.

It seems that some people encountered this kind of problem already,  
but I couldn't find appropriate solution in this mailing-list archives.

Any help would be appreciated :)



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