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On 7/13/07 5:41 AM, in article
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> I think I'm done with HTML anchors after this.  The named anchor commands have
> evolved into a full indexing bundle due to a positive response.  Apparently
> I'm not the only one who gets relegated to creating long listings with
> anchored indexes at the top, despite my protests.  So the bundle includes the
> original commands, plus fully automated index creation, including even/odd row
> classes, sub-indexing for multiple sections, and indexing with summaries.
>  Everything is inserted as snippets for modification.
> The bundle includes a help file and can be found at my blog.
> http://blog.circlesixdesign.com/2007/07/13/html-indexing-bundle/

A possible alternative approach (which is what I've been using) is simply to
tag spots to index to, followed by XSLT later on to generate the anchors and
index entries. m.

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