[TxMt] another command question

Constantinos Neophytou ♎ jaguarcy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 18:10:11 UTC 2007

 From the TextMate 'Help' Menu:

21.4 Cocoa Text Fields

Included with TextMate is an “Edit in TextMate” input manager which  
you can install to get the ability to call upon TextMate from the  
standard Cocoa text editor control (including the one used in Mail).  
This is useful for programs which do not implement the ODB Editor  
Suite (e.g. Safari's form elements).

For more info select the Install “Edit in TextMate”… action located  
in the TextMate bundle (using the gear menu in the status bar). This  
provides you with full documentation about the input manager before  
actually installing it.

On 3 Jul 2007, at 21:05, Dylan Smith wrote:

> I'm not able to use Ctrl-Cmd-E in the bundle editor, and I don't have
> an "Edit in TextMate" menu item, is this a standard feature?

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