[TxMt] LaTeX bundle problem

Maxime Boissonneault maxime.boissonneault at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Jul 3 14:27:41 UTC 2007

> See also
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.text.tex/browse_frm/thread/7e406a5c250cc6bc/8aefd925c735c842?lnk=st&q=bibtex+unicode+group%3Acomp.text.tex&rnum=1&hl=en#8aefd925c735c842 
> which has a better explanation of the problem(s) of using multibyte 
> encodings with BibTeX.  Sorting is broken, of course, but apparently 
> some BibTeX styles have even worse problems.
>> Allan Odgaard a écrit :
>>> On 29. Jun 2007, at 19:39, Maxime Boissonneault wrote:
>>>> Ok, I was not really talking about modifying the code myself. I 
>>>> meant providing more information that you might need. [...]
>>> The problem is that your source documents are scanned for completion 
>>> candidates in their on-disk state.
>>> The scanner cannot know what encoding you have used, and so it 
>>> assumes (for good reason) UTF-8.
>>> But in fact the stuff is malformed, when treated as UTF-8, so TM 
>>> will discard it, when the label completion command tries to insert it.
> I haven't been following this too closely, but ISTR that 
> cross-reference labels, like TeX command names, are limited to ASCII 
> letters and digits 0-9.  You might get away with accented characters 
> using some encodings, but it would probably break horribly with UTF-8.
LaTeX doesn't seem to have any problem with this. There are accents in 
my labels and it works pretty well.

I guess the ultimate solution would be to change the macro that 
generates the labels (according to what is written in the 
section/chapter titles) so that it strip the accented characters and 
replace them by the normal character (é,è,ë,ê -> e, à,â -> a, ô¨o (can't 
do the last one with my keyboard) -> o, and so on).

Maxime Boissonneault

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