[TxMt] latex: typeset & view-problem

Christoph Eyrich ceyrich at gmx.net
Mon Jul 2 11:27:29 UTC 2007

dear all,

I just moved to a new machine (from PPC to macintel) and now "typeset  
& view" doesn't work. more precisely: compilation of the file is fine  
but preview doesn't work. instead i get a spinning ball in the upper  
left corner and a paper icon in the middle of the html-window.

on the command line ps2pdf, pdfview etc. do work. if I remove *.dvi,  
*.ps, *.pdf in the working directory, TM initiates their recreation,  
so this isn't the problem. it sems to me that, for some reason, TM  
can't access the previewer.

i re-installed TM, to no avail. same if i create another user account  
and try it there.

TM, cutting edge.

any hints?



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