[TxMt] R daemon running 'inside' of TM + Version III

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Sat Dec 29 19:43:17 UTC 2007


I fine-tuned Rdaemon a bit, sped it up, and I added some new tools.

-If the progress bar appears one sees the last line of the console.  
I.e. if one executes install.package('foo') one sees at least what R  
is doing.

-If one presses '(' TM not only inserts '()' but TM also displays a  
tool tip showing the command usage.

-If one presses '$' TM lists all available attributes to that object  
for inserting.

[Now my favourite. I satisfied my longed for wish ;)]
This key combo displays all named parameters of the current function.  
One can select one parameter and it inserts it as snippet. If the  
parameter has a default only the default value will be inserted as  
snippet. This ALSO works for commands with nested functions! Up to  
now it only works inside of the current line.

At least for me it's often the case that I see the command usage as a  
tool tip but while writing I forget the correct spelling of  
parameters. In R.app you see the command usage in the status bar but  
if you're typing nested functions, ...

See demo http://www.bibiko.de/TMRdaemonTools.mov

I also tried out the iplots package and it also works very good.

I thought about how to save a plot. One solution is to use Preview  
(OPT+APPLE+G) and save it as PNG,TIFF,PDF, etc. Comments?

Have fun and Happy New Year


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