[TxMt] Saving file to hidden directory

Phil Molyneux molyneux at kingston.ac.uk
Fri Dec 28 14:40:08 UTC 2007

While the File -> Open... dialogue has a button to show hidden files,  
the File -> Save seems to have no obvious way to save a file to a  
hidden directory.

I was creating an environment.plist file to save in ~/.MacOSX --- my  
immediate work around was to save the file to the Desktop and use  
Finder to move the file to .MacOSX --- I have set Finder to show all  
files using either the defaults command or TinkerTool.

A search of the mailing list indicates that Cmd-Shift-G opens a sub  
dialogue box to the File -> Save dialogue that allows you to type the  
name of the directory directly but that would seem hard to discover.  
Is there a preference in Textmate that modifies the File -> Save  
dialogue to show hidden files ?

Phil Molyneux

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