[TxMt] Ruby 1.9

James Gray james at grayproductions.net
Wed Dec 26 23:56:26 UTC 2007

On Dec 26, 2007, at 2:35 PM, Jeff LaMarche wrote:

> Greetings all. Been using TextMate for quite some time, but never  
> had a problem before now. Allan Odgaard suggested I post this to the  
> list.
> I installed Ruby 1.9 this morning by doing a source install from the  
> release tarball. I had to manually update the readline library and I  
> also had to change my path so that /usr/local/lib is read before / 
> usr/lib because of the libreadline.dylib that is contained there.
> I can run Ruby 1.9 programs from the command line just fine, but if  
> I try to use command-R to run them from inside TextMate, I get:

 From the official Ruby 1.9 release announcement by language creator  
Yukihiro Matsumoto:

"We are happy to announce of the release of the 1.9.0 the development  

The keyword in there is definitely "development."  Ruby 1.9.0 is not a  
production/stable release and should not yet be counted on for mission  
critical stuff.

This is the beginning of a transition.  The Ruby 1.9 branch will need  
at least one more release before it begins to get mass usage.

I'm following Ruby 1.9 very closely and will now begin to look at  
things we can do in TextMate to support it.  That won't happen  
overnight though, so definitely give Ruby some time to firm up and us  
some time to get up to speed on where it lands.

For now, TextMate commands are definitely targeted against a Ruby 1.8  

James Edward Gray II

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