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Tony S Yu tonyyu at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 21 05:39:54 UTC 2007

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> Date: December 19, 2007 8:08:51 PM EST
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> Tony,
> Have you made any modifications to your PYTHONPATH?

Hey Alex,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have added a couple of folders to the  
PYTHONPATH in my `.profile` configuration file in my home directory.


It turns out that if I comment out the nodebox source path from the  
above statement, `import objc` works fine. Unfortunately, the reason I  
wanted to import the objc module was because nodebox requires it (and  
requires the source tree be on the PYTHONPATH). Does any one know why  
things would work fine from a Terminal, but not Textmate.

BTW, sys.path gives the same output in Textmate and the Terminal  
window, except that Textmate appends the Textmate path and the  
Desktop, while Terminal appends the present working directory.


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