[TxMt] Re: citation completion can't find bibfile

Kieran Healy kjhealy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 02:20:24 UTC 2007

> Sorry my bad, I've been a bit rusty. TM_LATEX_BIB is supposed to  
> point to an actual bib file, not the directory. What you want is to  
> set the BIBINPUTS variable in TM to the directory path as well, like  
> you set it in bash_profile. (hopefully ;) ). I'm kind of surprised  
> this wasn't a problem earlier, if you had set TM_LATEX_BIB to that  
> directory. Let's hope this would fix it,

I didn't have TM_LATEX_BIB set originally --- I put that in during my  
efforts to solve the problem. Now I've removed it again. BIBINPUTS was  
not set in TextMate. I set it and it returns '/Users/kjhealy/Library/ 
texmf/bibtex/bib:' from within TM. (This is the correct path.) But my  
problem persists. On the MacBook Pro, when I use the keyboard shortcut  
the menu pops up asking to create a label or a citation, and when I  
then select citation, nothing happens except the pointer changes to a  
cross. Same goes for the option when selected through the bundle menu.  
On the G5 desktop (which I currently don't have access to) the same  
thing was happening except I was getting the "Can't find any files  
named 'bibname'" tooltip.


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