[TxMt] <%- ERb tags question

James Gray james at grayproductions.net
Sun Dec 16 16:50:13 UTC 2007

On Dec 16, 2007, at 5:02 AM, Takaaki Kato wrote:

> I understand that "<%  -%>" doesn't make a new line in output.
> But what's "<%-  -%>"?

It trims space before, like an indent, and after the inserted content.

> Would it better to use <%- ? What's the best practice?

Well, it would be better if you want to trim whitespace on both sides  
and worse if you do not.

> Does anybody avoid the start tag and tweak "Toggle ERb Tags" command?

I don't know if they do, but you certainly can.  That script is pretty  
simple and shouldn't be too hard to understand.  Check it out.

James Edward Gray II

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