[TxMt] Latex not found

Ben Wooliscroft bwooliscroft at business.otago.ac.nz
Wed Dec 12 12:05:30 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've enjoyed using TextMate a great deal and don't want to use the other
Latex editors on my computer, but:
- after updating to Leopard all was okay
- I installed the latex Leopard fix and...
- TextMate doesn't find pdflatex and suggests that the path is not there or
Latex isn't installed
- I know that Latex is installed because Texshop continues to find it and
run it happily
- I've updated (via a complete re-install of Mactex) Latex, but it still
isn't found by Textmate and is by Texshop
- I've looked at the manual and see that I should update/modify the path,
but I'm not sure where to and how to update it.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated,



Dr Ben Wooliscroft
Senior Lecturer, University of Otago
Marketing Department

Currently on sabbatical at the Wirtschaft Universität, Vienna
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