[TxMt] Bundles, stdin and encoding

Álex Bueno lists+textmate at bueno.imap.cc
Tue Dec 11 19:45:42 UTC 2007


I've been trying to make a TM command to convert text encodings (with  
a nice little tm_dialog that took a while to figure out but now works  
very well).

But for some reason, it won't read the file correctly using stdin.

So that this works:
iconv -f $ENC -t UTF8 "$TM_FILEPATH"

But this does not (nor do other variations on the theme using stdin):
iconv -f $ENC -t UTF8 < /dev/stdin

TM seems to do something to the text to change its encoding, so that  
iconv cannot convert properly.

Even stranger than that, some encodings trigger this error:
/usr/bin/iconv: conversion from "SHIFT_JISX0213" unsupported
/usr/bin/iconv: try '/usr/bin/iconv -l' to get the list of supported  

Does anyone have an idea about what's going on here?


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