[TxMt] ruby folding: do... end.a_method

Niko Dittmann ni-di at web.de
Tue Dec 4 11:18:51 UTC 2007

Hi everone.

I recently tried to make ruby folding work all through our rails  
project and almost succeeded.  Typical offenders are p.e. do... end  
statements in one line (we just use {} now).  But I have problems  
with do... end blocks which directly get a method sent to:

blabla.collect do |whatever|

Here the folding stop working for everything that follows in the  
document and in this case it's difficult to rewrite the code to make  
folding work (suggestions highly appreciated).  I tried to modify the  
Ruby language grammar to no avail and it seems that folding should  
work here:

|   (^|;) \s*+ end \. .* $

Shouldn't this line within the foldingStopMarkers match?  I'm  
confused and would be grateful for any help.

Regards, Niko.

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