[TxMt] "Reformat to Column" needs better name

Trevor Harmon trevor at vocaro.com
Sat Dec 1 22:31:43 UTC 2007

On Nov 30, 2007, at 2:09 PM, Robin Houston wrote:

> Are you sure that's a standard command? I can't find it in the Text
> bundle on my installation, nor in the Subversion repository.

LOL you're right! Allan Odgaard wrote it for me:


It was long enough ago that I completely forgot it's a custom command  
and not a built-in one. Funny...

Maybe I should submit it as a new addition to the Text bundle. I need  
it every now and then, and I imagine others would find it useful.  
Would anyone be interested in making the command "standard"? I think  
it's the same as the usual ^Q except that it asks for the column  
number instead of using the current window width.


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