[TxMt] Re: POLL: HTML CodeSense?

Rafał Komorowski komor at mac.com
Thu Aug 23 20:29:33 UTC 2007

On 12/08/2007, at 11:59, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:

>> Note that the "convert characters to entities" command already  
>> does this (⌘&).
> I wish there was a way to convert characters to decimal numeric  
> character references, since these have better browser support and  
> equivalents for all Unicode characters not just some common ones.  
> At the moment I use:
> http://people.w3.org/rishida/scripts/uniview/conversion.php
> But it would be nice to have an integrated tool.

Sorry for ressurecting an old thread, but for more sophisticated  
Unicode-related works there is a really handy and free app called  
UnicodeChecker, <http://earthlingsoft.net/UnicodeChecker/>.
It integrates with [Application] -> Services menu, adding a Unicode  
entry with helpful tools. Among them is changing HTML entities to  
Unicode and vice versa. Works with TextMate correctly.


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